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5 Ways Men And Women Date Differently, And First Date Tips For Both

Girls are made of water, and men are made of mud. This is a Chinese novel. But the reality is here. Men and women are like living in the different poles of the earth. The choice, mental frequency of how to approach everything is different among them. Traditionally the women are representing the venus, and the men are representing the red planet. So the difference will always be there.

The thinking process to relationship buildup everywhere between men and women proves the difference between them. Even the dating and the first love expressions two are also separate from men to women. The difference is so profound that we can even tell the gender by only seeing their approach to their first date. Do you want to know the secret? Check it out here.

5 Ways Men And Women Dating Differently

Yes, by only seeing their approaching style of first dating, we can easily say the gender of the person. Because the men and women are so distinctive in nature. Especially when the matter is about the first date or love expression. This is not only going to help you in relationship building. You will know the man and women’s personality traits.
So let’s start

Women Are More Honest

When this matter is all about the first date, second or third, women are more honest than ever. From the start of the relationship, 90% of the women are starting with the truth. And after the first meeting when the girl finds the man interesting and cute. She likes the assurance of the second date.

Women are more honest when they are sharing their thoughts with others. For example, if you are a woman, you will share your future planning with your friends if you like your first dating partner. But men are more secret about their feelings. In 80% of cases, they do not want to share their thoughts.

Women Do Not Want To Initiate The Dating Approach

Women like to be asked. This is hard-core truth. On the other end, the men want a single hint from the women. Because men love their ego and self-dignity, they closely guard it. But women do not want to take the leading role. Men always like to know women on a deeper level. Because men are always trying to present the best facility which they can offer to the women, that is the reason most of the men are asking for a comfortable place before the first date.

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Women Share The Topic With Her Closest Friends

If she is going to like you, she is going to share the details with her friends. Women love to tell their friends about their crush, man, or boyfriend. After your first date, if she will introduce you to her friends, you are getting the surety the women fall for you. Suppose one woman has a crush on you. She is going to share dating ideas with everyone. On the other hand, the men are closely guarding their choice. But they are getting excited when they are going to see some other man with his girl. Read Also: When To Walk Away From A Sexless Marriage – Know These 6 Signs

Men Need Louder And Clear Massages

Men love clear messages about your interest. Men are a little weaker to understand the body language and women’s personality traits. So they always seek stronger messages. When you are going to ask a woman for a second date, you are going to need a powerful gut. The women can easily deny your request. Or simply overlook you. Or a smile on your face, then reject your proposal. These all types of activities are harming the male ego. So this is the reason most of the males prefer to get a strong signal or assurance.

Men Love To Be Chased

Men love to open their multiple options and choices, especially when they are on the first date. And many men are dating multiple women simultaneously in a single time frame. This is not cheating. They just like to keep their options open.

The men love to be chased. Men love to get attention and value from their girls. If he is going to see you are continuously busy because of your work. Or you did not answer his text messages. He thinks he will lose his place and dignity. And value means chasing. On the other hand, women simply do not like chasing. They are getting scared when they are identifying the sneaky nature of you.

Wrapping It Up:

Men and women are different by nature because Adam and Eve are never going to be the same. The contrasting nature and contrasting choices of these two will help you build up a more successful relationship. So what is your first dating experience with us? Do not forget to share your funny first-date experiences with us in the comment sections.

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