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Travel / March 4, 2019 / By Sandy

Slipping into the Awe of the Great London!

In order for things to be unforgettable, they have to be extraordinary! Something phenomenal, something enchanting and something that’s nowhere else! And London is definitely that one destination that captivates you for quite a time!

London! One of the most glorious cities that literally LIVES in limelight! Either you’re walking past that red telephone booth, strolling in its bustling markets, gaping its skyscrapers, or even just chilling in a room at the top floor of a luxurious hotel, everything is fascinating here! Ringing in here at least once in a lifetime is damn compulsory for all those who just love to travel and gawk over some enthralling new places. Not just one, not just two, but there rests a bunch of amazing attractions in London you should certainly not miss out on. To stay assured of not slipping up on any of them, hold up tight on Evan Evans Tours. An online travelling portal it is that along with Evan Evans Tours promo code, take you on discounted trips of not just London but the whole of Britain.

Before marking the dates on your calendars, let us take you to a jaunt of all the compelling places London has for you! Take a dip in the list below!

Evan Evans Tours Discount Codes

The London Eye

Oh! The charisma just drips through this big giant wheel of enchantment! Imagine yourself confined in a glass capsule that’ll take you round and round to make you see the breath-taking city from high above. Catch glimpses of the people, of the traffic, of River Thames and of all the spectacular landmarks from the technologically enhanced London eye! This is undoubtedly one of the finest experiences of anybody’s life that are surely enduring.

WarnerBros Studio

Warner Bros Studio

Didn’t you just wanted to hop in the Hogwarts Express back in your childhood and travel all the way to that wizarding world! London makes you fulfil that dream of yours as well. Warner Bros Studio, where the Harry Potter was originally made, lets you pay a visit and get intrigued with the lure it clinches on! Catch sights of the platform 9 ¾, Dumbledore’s office, the great hall, common room of Gryffindor, a stash of iconic props and what not!

Madame Tussaud

Madame Tussauds

You must have wondered in awe on seeing those wax statues of famous celebrities in the magazines! Madame Tussauds is that museum in London which is the polestar of it having a stockpile of hundreds of wax statues in! Step inside that museum, take a long walk through it and let the wonder of all that bewildering art sink in.

River Thame

River Thames

How can anybody skip River Thames while jotting down the great attractions of the great London! Do take rides on the cruises and sail through this enticingly blue river with your loved ones or maybe even alone if you love solitude! Get your hands on dining experiences on the cruise, take all the tranquillity in and let all your inner chaos out!

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