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6 Best Places Every Whiskey-Lover Needs To Add To Their Bucket List

/ By Sandy
6 Best Places Every Whiskey-Lover Needs To Add To Their Bucket List

There are few days left to arrive on 27th March when the world will celebrate International Whiskey Day. Since coined in 2008 and officially launched in 2009, the International Whiskey Day allows whiskey lovers to raise a dram wherever they are in the world. You can explore different whiskeys, share stories, tweet, and raise a glass to the world as the entire day belongs to you only.

Not only this, whiskey lovers go on trips and visit whiskey distilleries and share their passion with other whiskey lovers. You might wonder if you can explore the different cultures by taking a trip to the whiskey-distilling destinations. Why not? From pubs, bars to family-owned distilleries, this article has an itinerary for every whiskey lover. Read it to find what you can explore while visiting these six best places, and then start packing your bags!

Louisville, Kentucky

Whether it is 1792 full proof or Old Crow, Louisville is a place for all Bourbon lovers. In a general sense, whiskey is distilled out of grains and aged in woods. You would be surprised to know that distilling companies and brands in Louisville of Kentucky are best at doing it. Not now a mere rural whiskey getaway, Louisville has developed a more scintillating whiskey scene. Whiskey Row is a historical building displaying everything from barrels to bottles in a long stretch of blocks.

Old Forester’s new distillery offers a spiritual whiskey vibe, while Michter’s new Fort Nelson Distillery lets you label your whiskey. Suppose you are planning to visit Kentucky, book flights between August and September. During these National Bourbon Awareness Months, there’s a Kentucky Bourbon Festival organized from 18th to 22nd September with tastings, concerts, and lectures in Bardstown.

Texas, USA

Texas won’t disappoint you in giving the desired whiskey deals. The glamorous city has bars, restaurants, and pubs waiting for the whiskey, wine, and beer lovers to hit on hard. Besides it, the cityscapes are worth paying a visit as the Ice House, Museums, and Stockyards keep you up to beat. Then there’s the time when you head on to its promising distilleries.  Balcones Distilling isn’t that ancient, but its Texas whiskies are entitled to over 140 awards already. Similarly, a distillery in Austin working in the name of Garrison Brothers is another Bourbon gem to steal while you are in Texas. It’s famous for its horse ride tours at the distiller and, of course, Bourbon whiskies! 

Tokyo, Japan

Japan is known worldwide for its modern technology and medieval temples. Although people come here to discover its typical touristy destinations, there’s something for whiskey lovers, too. The capital city Tokyo has quite a few places that fill the glasses with the best malts. Its bars are a treat to anyone. The distilleries in Tokyo offer tours and tastings and have remained on the bucket list of most travelers. Miyagikyo, owned by Nikka Whisky Distilling, Outskirts in Sendai, Hakushu distillery, Suntory Yamazaki, and Bar Benfiddich are some of the best places to visit for whiskey.

Scotland, UK

Scotland is a country that sells the highest quantity of whiskey in the world and consumes equally hefty. The nation has around 120 local distilleries that aim at distilling the finest malts. No matter what level whiskey lover you are, you can’t complete Scotland and its whiskey places in one trip. Therefore, you must focus on specific regions that can serve your purpose. Half of the 120 family distillers are in the small northeastern part at the banks of river Spey. Problem solved! You can start your journey there. On the southern edge, there’s a group of nine distilleries called “Whisky Island,” which is all for those who want smokey scotch.

Tennessee, USA

No whiskey lover in this world would miss a chance to visit the legendary Jack Daniels Distillery in Tennessee. Besides it, Nashville is an entire town dedicated to whiskey distilleries, family-owned cellars, and restaurants that no one wishes to skip. You can spend days in Nashville alone, having your favorite malts every day, without feeling any boredom. One more attraction in the city is Corsair Distillery – producer of spirits all from absinthe to gins. The  Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery is perfect for one day tour at just $10 price with tastings. It produces six distinct crafted whiskeys, and each one is worth giving a shot.

Christchurch, New Zealand

This must be a new name for you if you have read other whiskey destinations lists before. Well, it is because Christchurch is gradually making its room on the list of whiskey rulers. With consistent care to craft excellent whiskeys, Christchurch emerged as a center of attraction for modern whiskey needs. While you can enjoy seeing the picturesque scenes of New Zealand’s beauty, you can also visit Cardrona and Kiwi Spirit Distillery to enjoy whiskey sips. The Spirits Workshop amid the city center produces malt from local grain and age it in manuka wood barrels. A place like The Last Word whisky and cocktail lounge will amuse you with its double racked display of whiskey bottles!


Well, it looks like you have got enough destinations to get overwhelmed with your whiskey love for this year on the list. Perhaps you will crave more later. Besides these six destinations, there a few more place that interests whiskey lovers. Do your research, find what amazes you the most, and get going!

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