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7 reasons why residence purchase in Golf Grand by Emaar Properties in Dubai worth considering

Golf Grand, developed by Emaar Properties, presents an exclusive opportunity to be the lucky owner of a residence in the heart of Dubai. This luxurious development embodies the perfect blend of luxury, comfort and first-class amenities. Buying an apartment in the off-plan Golf Grand by Emaar Properties in Dubai, UAE provides exceptional conditions for personal living and building renting business.

About Golf Grand in Dubai

Situated on one of the most prestigious golf courses in the region, Golf Grand offers the highest quality accommodation for discerning clients. Each residence is the pinnacle of luxury and contemporary design, specially designed to satisfy the most refined tastes.
Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and green golf courses, Golf Grand creates a sense of peace and relaxation. Residents can enjoy the beautiful views of the golf course right from their windows and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

Lifestyle in Golf Grand residences

In addition to the beauty of the scenery, residents can enjoy the rich and varied array of amenities offered by the complex. The Golf Grand features restaurants, a fitness centre, spa, swimming pool, playground, and more. Residents can enjoy five-star amenities and top-notch service throughout the year.

Residence configurations of Golf Grand in Dubai

Golf Grand residences offer a variety of floor plans to meet the needs of every family. From 1-bedroom apartments to spacious residences, each living unit is designed with functionality and elegance in mind. High ceilings, large living rooms and luxurious bedrooms make Golf Grand the perfect place to live.

Prices for residences at Golf Grand are varied to suit different buyers’ budgets. The complex provides a flexible payment system and attractive financial terms to make the buying process affordable and easy.

Uniqueness of the off-plan complex

The Golf Grand residential complex in Dubai is unique for a number of factors.

Attractive location. The complex is located in the heart of Dubai, next to the famous golf club and in close proximity to many attractions and business centres of the city.

Modern design and architecture. The complex is an elegant building with spacious apartments and magnificent views of the golf course and surrounding landscapes. The architecture of Golf Grand combines modern elements and classic style to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

Luxurious interior design. The apartments in the complex are designed with high standards of comfort and functionality in mind. The interiors feature modern furniture, stylish wall and floor finishes, and advanced technology.

Unique amenities and services. Residents can enjoy access to luxury spas, fitness centres, swimming pools, and tennis courts. In addition, Golf Grand offers its residents a wide range of entertainment and dining venues where they can spend their free time and enjoy excellent service.

Environmental awareness. The complex is built using ecological materials and technologies, which helps minimise its impact on the environment. In addition, Golf Grand actively participates in various environmental initiatives aimed at conserving nature and reducing emissions.

This residential complex offers its residents an elite lifestyle and comfort, combining all the necessary elements for perfect living.

Better buy off-plan now than rent in future

If you are now thinking about investing in the off-plan residences in Dubai, do not delay it. There is no decrease in prices for real estate foreseen in the future. Therefore, you are likely to pay a higher price for the same residence but at a later stage of construction.
To prove the profitability of the under-development complex, let`s look at the top seven reasons why investing in real estate in Dubai is a better option.

Financial stability

Buying an apartment in Dubai provides you with financial stability and certainty for the future. Instead of paying rent every month, you will be paying a mortgage that will eventually turn into your property. This means that you will have stable monthly payments that can be easily planned and factored into your budget.

Rising real estate values

Investing in an apartment in Dubai can bring you significant returns in the future, especially if you buy the property at an early stage of the project development.

Tax reduction

Owning a property in Dubai can also bring you tax benefits. Unlike many other countries, Dubai does not levy tax on rental income or tax on profits from the sale of real estate. This means you can keep most of your income from renting or selling your apartment.

Freedom and flexibility

Owning your own apartment gives you freedom and flexibility in managing your housing. You can decide how you want to use your apartment, such as renting it out or using it for your own residence. You can also make changes to the interior and décor of your apartment to make it fit your preferences and lifestyle.

Increase in property value

Buying an apartment in Dubai can also lead to an increase in its value over time. For example, you can make improvements to the apartment to increase its resale value. You can also consider renting out the apartment, which will result in monthly rental income.
Inflation protection

Investing in real estate is also a good protection against inflation. While the prices of goods and services may rise, the value of your real estate will rise with them. This means that your apartment will retain its value and may even make you a profit in the future.

Market stability

Dubai has a stable and reliable real estate market, which makes it attractive to investors. With strict regulations and laws, the real estate market in Dubai remains stable and safe for investment.


With its attractive location, luxurious design and extensive amenities, Golf Grand is becoming one of the most desirable places to live in Dubai. Address the real estate agency AX CAPITAL to get more information about the options available.

Don’t miss your chance to own a residence at Golf Grand by Emaar Properties, a unique place to live and enjoy the great lifestyle of Dubai.