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Could India be a memorable honeymoon destination?

Do you want to spend your honeymoon somewhere romantic and exotic? There are countless destinations that could match these two requirements, and often, India isn’t listed among them, but it should be. It’s a place with a hint of magic in the air, with numerous places that amaze through their scenery and paradisiac landscape.

India might not be promoted as a honeymoon destination, but it has something to offer to any kind of traveller. Whether you, as a couple, prefer adventures or relaxing vacations on the beach, it has it all. There’s no better place to relieve the stress of planning and throwing the wedding than on a beach on a secluded island or while exploring the colourful towns of Rajasthan.

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Reasons why you should pick India as your honeymoon destination

It promotes romance

You’re most likely familiar with Bollywood movies and their romance stories. India knows how to promote romance, and its variety of landscapes makes it the perfect place to go on your first adventure as a married couple. If you like the idea of a classical honeymoon with sea and sand romance, Kerala and Goa are the ideal destinations for you. However, suppose you prefer the mountainside, the ultimate declaration of love: Taj Mahal awaits you.

It has unique accommodation facilities

India has one of the longest and most varied histories, and it’s shown in its architecture and traditions. While some historical buildings serve as tourist attractions, others are for rent for travellers. You have the opportunity to stay in a traditional Indian villa or a small house in a village and enjoy the local lifestyle.

You can also spend the nights on a houseboat in the Bandhavgarh National Park and hear the tigers roar all night. And let’s not forget about Taj Mahal Palace, the most famous hotel in India.

It’s affordable

Weddings are expensive, and the last thing you need is to spend a fortune on your honeymoon. If you travel from the UK to India, the plane ticket might be pricey, but the other expenses are quite affordable, including the Heathrow airport parking; suppose you want to drive your car to the Streatham airport transfer.

Usually, even five-star accommodation is cheap in India, and you can wine and dine for around $20 per individual at most restaurants.

It’s the ideal destination for an adventurous couple

If this is the case, you might be the kind of couple seeking adventure. India will offer you a wide range of activities to choose from. You could explore the country by train, sit back on your sleeper bunk, and admire the landscape. The locals are always chatty and welcoming, and you’ll definitely enjoy connecting with them.

If you feel courageous, you can transform the honeymoon into the adventure of your life and scale a mountain or hike on mountainside paths.

How to plan the trip to India?

It’s already settled that India is an enchanting destination for a honeymoon. But considering that it’s an exotic place located on another continent, you might need some recommendations to ensure you’re making the most of it.

Pick the destination

India boasts the type of destinations you can choose from, and it’s up to you to decide which one suits you better. Picking the destination should be your number one priority because it impacts the entire planning of the trip. Depending on where you need to arrive, you might have to depart from Gatwick, and then you need to book airport parking Gatwick to leave your car safely.

Decide when you’ll visit

You don’t have to leave for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding. India experiences different climatic conditions across its areas, and it’s paramount to consider them when planning a trip. The ideal time frame to visit it is between October and March when the weather is pleasant among all regions.

Set the budget

Before booking accommodation and flight, it’s crucial to determine how much you can afford to spend on your honeymoon. The great part is that India fits any budget, as long as you’re willing to travel to another continent and afford the flight ticket.

Accommodation solutions in India vary greatly so that you can find options starting with $30 per night in homestays and guesthouses. Transportation is also affordable, with domestic costs starting from $50 and covering large distances. Train tickets cost between $10 and $50 per short trip. Depending on the kind of diet you prefer, the cost of meals in India can vary, but you’ll definitely afford to eat at a local restaurant.

Plan couple activities

Your honeymoon should be a special time when you bond and start a new phase of your life together. And India, with its countless opportunities, allows you to engage in experiences that will strengthen your connection.

Here are some examples of activities you should add to your bucket list.

Book a houseboat cruise and spend some romantic moments together on the Kerala

Have a candlelit dinner on a beach

Visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise

Have a trek in the Himachal Pradesh mountains

Book a camel ride at the sunset in Rajasthan

If you’re lucky, you might even visit India during one of its most vibrant festivals. Diwali and Holi are two well-known festivals travellers usually enjoy attending. Diwali is the Festival of Lights, and it implies lighting oil lamps, admiring fireworks, and exchanging sweets. Holi is the festival of colours, and the locals are always joyful and enthusiastic around it because they can play around and throw coloured powders and water at each other.

Learn more about local etiquette and customs

The Asian customs are quite different from the European ones, and India has a unique culture, so make sure you learn as much as possible about it. You’re heading to a country rich in cultural heritage, and if you know what to expect ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience at its fullest and show respect to the local traditions. Take some time and familiarise yourself with the place’s gestures, greetings, and customs.

Last words

India will charm you with its unique atmosphere, fairytale vistas, and warm communities. It’s just the perfect place to start your journey as a couple together.