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As an employer often times you might have asked yourself a question about how many hours a day can your employee be productive? The reason you ask yourself this question from time to time is because you want them to put out a 100% while they are working. But let us tell you that, expecting an employee to give out a 100% every single day for 8 hours is incomprehensible. It’s unrealistic to think that an employee that works straight for 8 hours will be able to provide you with great results like a machine, they are human too, and during those 8 hours a day there will come a time when they start to procrastinate. A simple Google search about how many hours an employee can be productive will show you many results according to this question of an employer, but all the answers they would have will be similar. The answers would be something like 12.5 hours a week or 3-4 hours in a day is the maximum amount of time an employee of yours will stay productive.

So, the real question that an employer should be asking themselves is not about how many hours a day can their employees be productive but instead they should be asking on how to keep an employee’s mindset productive, and creative through-out the entire day.

Now, there are many methods that one can go about for creating a more positive, and productive work environment. But implementing them is the real key, we have sought out 5 interesting methods to boost morale at the work place though before getting into them let us first talk about the activities that hinder productivity, because even if you knew the methods now. Nothing would change unless the troublesome activities that cause lack of productivity are diminished.


Activities Hindering Productivity

We took the time to sort out a brief survey taken by employees of multiple companies, and compiled them into a single place, mentioned below are the main key objects that hinder productivity.

  • Social Media Scroll Down
  • News Websites 
  • Making Hot Drinks
  • Smoke Breaks
  • Texting
  • Searching For New Jobs
  • Administrative task
  • Non-essential meetings

Some of these tasks may seem reluctant at first sight because in your head you might think that in an 8 hour of work these wouldn’t be effecting the productivity. But in actuality, these are the biggest cause of a lack in productivity. As Davegerhardt tweeted “it’s amazing how much work one can accomplish in just two hours if not being interrupted with slack, and going back on forth to different applications”. As an employer, you can’t possibly diminish these activities from the workplace environment since it lets your employees relax, and have some me-time. But what you can do is introduce a set of activities that will slowly pull them away from these hindrances, and will help them achieve more during their shifts. Which we will be discussing below.

Activities Hindering Productivity

Tips You Can Use To Motivate Your Employees

Above we talked about the hindrances that can cause a lack of productivity during an 8 hour shift, now we are going to discuss about the things you can do to increase morale around the workplace. Motivating your employees in a way that those hindrances diminish themselves and they feel more joyful, and motivated to produce results. Here are a few methods that you can apply to motivate your employees.

Supportive Leadership

An employee will only perform well if the leader knows how bring about their full potential. Supportive Leadership is an essential part to increase motivation in your employee and the only way to do that is to lend them an ear to listen from time to time and actually act on their queries. Once your employee notices how much you are doing for them, they will find purpose in producing results without you reminding them.

Empower Employees

Now this might sound a bit controversial because empowering employees can create certain backlash in the workforce. But albeit its cons the pros are more effective, your employee shouldn’t feel like a pawn among the office, instead he should feel like a part of the team. The only way to do that is to let him/her express themselves in a positive manner. See if their ideas are good, and let them act on it of their own accord even if they made a mistake. They will still had the opportunity to realize that you gave them a chance, making them prepare even better for the next time.

Create Teamwork

Now, this is a given a single person can’t achieve what a professional team can, and if you are truly looking to bring some motivation into the workplace. Then a little team rivalry is the best way to push your employees enough to produce results.


Aside from team rivalry to boost the morale, another great thing you can do that will completely focus your employee on work is to introduce a reward system. Rivalry mixed with a reward, is the perfect motivation they need to get those creative juices flowing.

Hence! Creating the perfect workplace for you where, even with certain hindrances your employees perform in top-shape every time.

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