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Precautions to stop Covid-19 spread

/ By Sandy

It’s a complicated time, the coronavirus disease, Covid-19, has taken the whole world by storm. It has captured the attention of the entire world. The whole globe needs to be on alert as this deadly virus was first identified in Wuhan, China and later spread around the world. History proves that nothing has killed more people than infectious disease. Knowing that the virus could spread to anybody in any country, be it, young, adult, and aged ones. We must look out for each other and help in any way we can. As a member of this society, we want to take a valuable minute of your time to keep you well-informed about the measures that you can take in response to this Covid-19.

Precautions to Avoid the Risk of Infection

Currently, there’s no vaccine to treat this deadly Covid-19. However, jotted below are some protective measures against the coronavirus. By doing the following, you can take care of your health and others too. Have a look!

Social Distancing

Keeping people away from mixing is such a crucial step in the fight against covid-19. The social distancing has become an essential strategy in controlling the disease because each person infected with Corona is thought to pass it on to an average of 2-3 other people. If someone is infected and continue to be socialized, as usual, they’re more likely to pass it on to others, who could each then go on to infect people furthermore. Practising self-isolation can slow down the spread. So, staying at home, and maintaining a proper distance from others is the key.

Avoid Touching the Face

We all keep touching our faces, and we often do it without even noticing. There’s a study which highlights that we’re prone to touch our face, especially the areas around the nose, chin and eyes for an average of 13 times in an hour. And this behaviour of ours can be a source of fast transmission when it comes to a disease like covid-19. Our nose, mouth and eyes are the gateways for viruses, so avoid touching the face and keep washing your hands more often. Moreover, also wearing a mask can reduce the propensity for people to touch their faces.

Frequently washing your hands

To keep yourself protected from the virus, washing your hands thoroughly and regularly can reduce the risk of covid-19. Cleaning your hands with soap or a hand wash for at least 20 seconds frequently kill viruses that may be on your hands. And if you’re out and about where soap and water are unavailable then keep an alcohol-based hand rub with you that contains at least 60% of alcohol.

Practice Respiratory Hygiene

One of the best ways to keep the covid-19 at bay is by practising respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth or bent your elbow whenever you sneeze or cough, use tissues and dispose of it immediately after using. Avoid using a handkerchief as it can be a place for breeding bacteria and virus. In order to protect yourself, practising respiratory hygiene is highly important.

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