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The conditions of the world have been less than ideal. A global pandemic is at our doorstep, and life has just started to normalize again. We can finally allow ourselves to get excited about holidays, and celebrate with our friends. Throwing a Halloween party does not mean that we need to spend loads of money, and drain our savings. There are a lot of fun, economic ways to make decorations, costumes and food. And the best part is, you can have a lot of fun doing it.

Halloween party


Let’s face it, the perfect Halloween party always starts with the search of an ideal costume. If you don’t feel like making your own costume, you can use our Halloween discount code to get amazing deals on costumes as well. However, there are many Halloween costumes you can make yourself, without spending a ton of money in the process. Here are a few ideas to get you going. 

The Good ol’ Ghost: All you need for this is a white bedsheet, and your good to go. Cut out a few holes for the eyes, and your guaranteed to spook the daylights out of someone.

The Wicked Witch: To make a hat, take some black cardboard paper and make it into the shape of a cone. Take another sheet and make it into a base and stick it on the bottom of the cone. Decorate your witch’s hat with some star stickers, couple it with an old broom from the house, and a long black dress to complete the outfit.

The Moody Monster: Grab some paints, and have some fun decorating your face. Make funny eyes, paint the base of your face a dreary green, and spray your hair with a washable dye. For Halloween makeup ideas, you can look up the internet, or you can just go with whatever inspires you. The Psychotic Serial Killer: The whole point of Halloween is to get our spook on, and to scare others. This costume is simple yet effective. Find a black t-shirt in your closet, some black pants, a ski mask and a toy (yes toy) knife, and you are good to go. Just make sure people know it’s just a costume (maybe put on the mask after you get into the party!).



Now that the costumes are done, we can move on to making the house look pretty, rather pretty creepy to welcome our guests. There are so many fun Halloween crafts you can make to put around the house, but first, we will start with our favorite one.

Pumpkins: Halloween is not complete without pumpkins, and there are a lot of Halloween pumpkin ideas, so get your carving knives ready! Buy a pumpkin from a local grocery store, and your Jack o Lantern can be anything from a scary face to a Mickey Mouse. Put a light inside and your all set.

Bats: Another easy way to spook the place up is to take black cardboard paper and cut it out into the shapes of bats. You can hang them on a string across the living room and on your porch. It is an easy and inexpensive way to spice things up a bit.

Wine Bottle Candlesticks: To get the mood of the party going, some eerie candles are the way to go. Paint some wine bottles with matte black paint. Once it is dry, insert an orange taper candle inside. It’s certain to get the Halloween mood going. Bubbling Caldron: Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and caldron bubble! Another fun thing you can do is get some dry ice from the grocery store, add it with water in a cast-iron pot, and your witch’s cauldron is ready.

Halloween Party Snacks

Party Snacks

A party is not complete unless you have an interesting array of food to tickle the tastebuds. Here are some fun Halloween food ideas to get the party to be a sure success.

Witch Guacamole: Since avocadoes are green, we have half the work done for us! Just make your favorite guacamole recipe, and spread it in a circular shape on a platter. You can used shaved carrots for the hair and olives for the eyes, a pickled nose and nacho hair, and you have a yummy dip, in the shape of a witch!

Mummy Hot Dogs. Boil some sausages. You can then take some ready-made flaky dough, cut it into thin strips, and wrap it around the sausage. Stick it in the oven for ten minutes, dot the mummy’s eyes with mustard and you are good to go.

Monster Cookies: First you bake a sugar cookie recipe you love. Then you decorate it with either green or red icing. Get your hands on candy monster eyes from the store, and add three per cookie to give it an extra scary affect. The kids won’t be able to get enough of it!

Ghost Smore Dip: All you need is to spread out chocolate chips on a pie dish. Then pour cream on top, and cover the dish completely with ghost-white marshmallows. After that, you place mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth and bake it. Serve with graham crackers for dipping. This just proves that one doesn’t have to spend bucket loads of money to plan the perfect party. You can still end up having a really good time, without burning a hole in your wallet. All you need is a little creativity and some inspiration, and your Halloween party is sure to be the talk of the neighbourhood.