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Tips For Writing A Good Essay And Exam Types

If you ask students about their preferences in studying at university, you will probably receive different answers: friends, events, competitions, and so on. But be certain by asking what’s the thing one hates most of all, the answer can be likely the same: exams and writing an essay. Writing an essay is required by universities for the overall academic development of students. As you might know, exams can have two forms: written and oral. Both have pros and cons, so it’s impossible to give a general answer which one is easier, as it depends on personal capacity.

On one hand, the problem of an oral exam is a great anxiety due to direct confrontation between the student and professor. On the other hand, you are able to improvise in case you don’t know how to carry out some questions. In easy words, you can mix several similar topics and try to change the discussion slightly, leading it in the direction that you know better.

On the contrary to the oral exam, the effort to evade the answer becomes complicated if not impossible, when you write an essay. Your thoughts remain written and non-cancellable. In addition, in writing essays language proficiency has a major weight. But if you’re shy and scared about people’s judgment, you are likely to prefer to write than to speak.

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Useful Tips For Writing A Good Essay

Disappointingly, for that part of students who don’t like to write essays, no definite solutions have been found yet, except asking help from some experts. It’s like a disease that can’t be cured by one medicine, but it’s possible to alleviate symptoms.
Let’s discover some tips for writing a good essay, and probably your “disease” will pass faster and easier.

Tip # 1: Select the Topic

Commonly, the list of topics is given by professors, but sometimes it can happen to be asked to come up with your own essay questions. The advice to give you is to choose a topic which you will be incredibly keen on. When you’re passionate about some subject or theme, your brain will activate ideas faster than you can imagine. Indeed, you might notice your hands typing an essay in a way you haven’t expected: being familiar with your chosen topic can make the writing process smoother. You can get some advice on choosing a topic here.

The right topic can affect the quality of an essay: it must be relevant, and easy to be argued. So, your task before starting is to discover the availability of literature, current research, documentation, and other academic materials you can gather and look through. Nevertheless, don’t forget about the originality and new insights, if required.

Tip # 2: Plan Writing

It can happen that you are sure to have all ideas clear, but when you are to write it down, you feel lost and don’t know where to begin. It’s difficult sometimes to concretize your thoughts, but your paper must focus on the topic. Be coherent and logical, your essay must express your opinion or position on a particular topic, based on certain and confirmed information.

In some cases creative people can have trouble in writing an essay, due to much creativity as well: sentences can be without logical sequence, and chosen words can be inappropriate in that context. So, the key is to write it in an understandable manner, using concise and efficient expressions, and a smooth transition between all parts of the essay.

You can take all the time you need to read carefully and understand the assignment requirements, length, and structure of your academic work better. In this way, your planning will be successful, and moreover, you will know which way to move and which tools to use.

Tip # 3: Regular working

If you know how to play chess, this advice is one of the easiest for you to follow. The strategy in writing an essay is the part that permits you to share time correctly and consciously. It means that you should create an outline, organizing your thoughts according to priority.

One important thing to take care of is to write your essay every day, it should become a part of your routine. It means that after having done breakfast, dedicate at least 15 minutes to writing or reviewing what has been done. It will not be productive if you leave your essay apart for some days if you postpone the process. It’s essential to concentrate on completing the writing, even if it can be difficult to refuse a meeting with friends and go to the archive or library. How to find the motivation to write an essay is described in this article.

The situation when you are halfway and are not able to find inspiration to keep on doing it is a common one. The advice to follow is a weekly schedule: establish a certain number of hours a day and a week when you must write.

To summarize, remember your goals to achieve, about your possible dream to come true. Taking into consideration tips for writing a good essay and adding your desire to become a perfect specialist in the subject you’re passionate about, you will certainly earn the best votes and your degree.