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Top 5 Romantic Vacation Spots For Whisky Lovers

/ By Sandy

Taking some time off one’s busy schedule to relax and indulge in life’s finest things is recommended, especially if the finances allow it. It is even more interesting if the getaway is somewhere romantic and pretty exotic. Anyone with such plans should consider finding hidden gems across the world. Fortunately, there are such places across the globe and even more so for people who enjoy a fine whisky drink. If this sounds like something you would do at one point in life, consider the suggested regions below.

Whisky Lovers

1.  Texas

Texas is known world-over simply because it is an excellent oil state in the US. It is an ideal place for people looking to have fun and unwind. Here, you will find people with a refined taste for the good things life has to offer. Whisky lovers will especially enjoy the fact that their favorite drink is available in plenty. This state is known for its rich historical background, considering that it was once the home of significant cow operations and home to some of the world’s best ranches.

However, there is more to Texas since it slowly moved to become one of the world’s refined states, offering posh lifestyle choices to its dwellers. To date, Texas is still an excellent spot for anyone who wants to enjoy the best bird dog whiskey, direct from the distillery.

Visit the different distilleries spawn around the state to enjoy a shot or refreshing drink, mostly if the day was full of activities. This is an ideal way to unwind after a long day. Do not worry about where to stay because Texas has numerous options ranging from affordable to the most expensive. Whatever the budget is, everyone will find suitable accommodation plans in the regions.

1.  Japan

dwellers' fine taste

Many people look at Japan as a country with fancy technologies, fast trains, and other advancements related to innovations and technology. However, there is so much more than Japan has to offer. Apart from the historical remnants and rich cultural traditions, visiting Japan exposes you to the dwellers’ fine taste.

Besides adopting healthy lifestyles for ages and embracing activities that ensure they remain exquisite, Japanese people have a great taste in alcohol. Therefore, it’s not surprising that some of the world’s finest Whisky is found in Japan. A good example is Hakushu distillery, which produces finely aged whiskies, most of which won awards.

The distillery is located in the middle of the forest between the Japanese Southern Alps and is well known for producing 12- and 18-year-old single-malt whiskeys. As you enjoy some of the best sites Japan has to offer, make sure to try a few of their culinary offers. Even so, do not live in the country without sampling some of this fine alcohol.

3.  Tennessee

If you have taken Jack Daniels whiskey before, you might want to try the distilleries in Tennessee to see what they offer. Consider visiting a couple of distilleries in the region and taste their brewing capabilities directly from the sources. There are several of these joints that one can go through in a day.

Try Corsair distillery to taste their unique quinoa whiskey. The company deals with different alcoholic brands that you may want to sample. While still in the region, make a point to check out Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, which is one of the largest suppliers of Tennessee’s whiskeys. Some of these establishments are age-long distilleries that were started by great grandparents. They have perfected their alcohol making skills over the years while still maintaining certain traditions that make them stand out. Whatever option one settles for, they should ensure that they taste the different offers on the table.

4.  New York

New York

City dwellers do not have to worry about going far away from their vicinity to enjoy a good drink. There has been a resurgence of distilling points in the city, meaning that one of the finest drinks is available closer home. Residents do not have to plan a getaway so far away when they can get everything within New York. Check out top distilleries such as Widow Jane, who have existed even before the civil war era. Van Brunt Stillhouse is a brand celebrated for its unique American taste with a touch of everything. It is possible to get authentic whiskey right here in New York.

5.  Scotland

Scotland takes the cup, considering that it is home to more than a hundred distilleries. What’s more, many of these deal with malt whiskey production, and you are probably not going to visit all of them in life. Pick out a region of interest anywhere in Scotland and choose a few distilleries to visit when around. It is an excellent idea to combine different destinations when checking out the places to visit. You probably want to visit Keith & Dufftown Railway, an 11-mile line linking Dufftown, home to the world’s malt whiskey capital and seven other distilleries. Alcohol lovers will enjoy taking these places in as they marvel at the processes involved before the finest drinks get to their tables.

Final Thoughts

There are several places one can visit to enjoy their favorite whisky drink, regardless of where they are in the world. All one needs to do is to plan their vacation smartly enough to accommodate their desires.

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