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Why do you need an Antivirus for your Computer?

Antivirus is a security suite that helps you to get protected against viruses, spyware, rootkits, malware and other online and cyber threats. Before knowing the answer to why we need an Antivirus for Computer let’s know a bit about a Virus.

What is a Virus?

A Virus is an unwanted program that enters into the user’s computer without the user’s knowledge and can damage their files or data. It performs such unwanted actions that can harm the performance of your computer.

What is Antivirus & Why Do You Need it?

Antivirus is a programme which detects virus viruses, spyware, rootkits, malware and other online and cyber threats to damage your computer device. A computer without antivirus can be affected very badly by unwanted and harmful threats. These threats can totally damage your PC. There are several reasons that can state why you need an antivirus in your computer device. Some of the reasons are given below

  • Slow down the computer
  • Damage or delete files
  • Reformat hard disk
  • Frequent computer crashes
  • Data loss
  • Perform any task on the computer or the internet

Ransomware Protection

From Ransomeware you can lose your data and information permanently. It will cost you high for the restoration of your business information. The business owners will prefer to pay a huge amount to the scammers in exchange for the restoration of the data. To overcome this issue, you need an effective Antivirus Solution for your device. An Antivirus offers excellent protection against ransomware. There are a number of Antivirus companies that keep your device protected against unwanted threats. You can go with Kaspersky also, it is one of the leading brands in the world of Antivirus. The best part of this Antivirus Solution is that you can get a huge discount with Kaspersky Coupon Code.

Protection of Sensitive Data

You have saved lots of confidential data and information ( credit card details, bank accounts, passwords, and commercially sensitive information) over the computer. Sometimes the computer gets affected by spywares that steals your personal data and information which becomes very difficult to prevent and remove. Antivirus is software that helps you to provide protection of sensitive data. You can get extreme protection against spywares. 

Email Protection

Email is one of the most common channels to transfer Trojans. Trojans process inside your PC and can damage your important files or information & let swindlers access your PC. You can easily get protected from these trojans with Antivirus programs. The Antivirus solution will help you to protect your emails from these trojans and unwanted threats. It will offer you complete protection from computer viruses like Trojans.

Improved Online Security

Online Security is one of the most important factors for those who are operating e-commerce or online businesses. If they are doing online transactions and store their financial or credential information online then they need to be secure with Antivirus Programme. Antivirus provides a higher level of online security and keeps your online information safe and secure from hackers. The Antivirus will timely detect and block the phishing and fraudulent websites. There are a number of Antivirus programmes that deal with premium features like modern encryption methods that improve the protection of financial transactions.

Server Protection

There are several antivirus providers that provide protection of mails and file servers. Kaspersky and Bitdefender are the antivirus companies that offer Server Protection for your device. This extra feature will give the benefits to the Small and Medium Sized Business. Server Protection is a very important part in any Antivirus Security Programme. Every PC needs to get server protection feature in their PC.


Antivirus Programme will help you to protect your PC from lots of unwanted and dangerous threats like viruses, spyware, rootkits, trojans, hackers, scammers etc that can totally damage your computer. I hope this article helps you to know why we need Antivirus for Computers.

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