Valentine's Day Deals Event

Valentine's Day Deals Event


Valentine's Day Deals

Valentine’s day about us

Making your creativity run and sharing the deepest corner of yours in front of your partner is not an easy feat. But a great load has been taken off the shoulders under the name of Valentine’s Day- an official day to express your true feelings out loud to the one you love the most. Romantic dinners by candlelight, long drives to the beach, midnight walks along the road and spontaneous surprises- there’s simply nothing that love can’t make you do. With Valentine’s dedicated to rekindle the romance and chemistry, it is the ideal occasion where you can take the chance to experience all this with the one who matters you the most. With a plethora of Valentine’s Day codes available from the popular brands, here you’re guaranteed to snag some cheap deals!
While so much love, feelings and expressions tied up with this day, have you ever wondered about the history attached behind this romantic day of the year? If not, then we’re here to walk you through a brief of Valentine’s history. Give it a read!

A Brief History

14 February has long been known for celebrating love, but there must be very few of us who exactly know how did this loved-up holiday come about. Well, there was a saint named Valentine who served during the third century in Rome. At that time the emperor named Claudius ll had the idea of restricting marriages as he believed that single men would make better soldiers than the married ones, so he outlawed marriages. Valentine realizes the fact that keeping young away from marriages is injustice, so he continued to perform marriages for lovers secretly. Later, he was thrown in jail and sentenced to death after his actions were known by the Claudius.
However, the reason behind Valentine’s Day celebration is still not known for certain, but there are some exciting suggestions. While some believe that this was the month in which Saint Valentine was martyred, or the reason for its celebration is to overshadow a pagan festival. While the most popular is that when he was taken to the jail there, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and was hanged on 14 February.

Valentine's Day Deals

Here you’ll find a bunch of deals to satisfy your valentine’s shopping cravings. Following are the famously scrolled categories during this very day!

Flowers & Gift

A gift with a personalized touch and a beautifully arranged flowers chosen by you will definitely make your partner scream ‘I Love You’ at the top of the lungs. But not to let you scream out of budget, we have got tons of frugal Valentine’s Flowers & gifts discount codes. Latch on the code you’re interested in and save big over your purchase.

Jewellery & Watches

Nothing expresses the feelings quite like jewellery & watches. Without any doubt, accessories designed from your partner’s favourite labels are sure to bring nothing but joy. The celebration can be made all brighter with their classic pieces. With heaps of Valentine’s Jewellery & Watches voucher codes available on our books, you’re bound to unveil gems that are perfect for the occasion in less.

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